#InTreatment Discussion 09 with Robert Naskov and Vardan Tozija

The last episode of the series “InTreatment”, the first Macedonian TV project was filmed according to a foreign franchise, and it was broadcasted on Friday, 17th of November. Throughout the 45 episodes and sessions with D-r Terziev (Nikola Ristanovski) we were introduced to the life stories and problems of the anesthesiologist Milena (Jelena Jovanova), the […]

#inTreatment Discussion 07 with Nade Molerovic and Tatjana Aleksic

In this week’s, seventh edition of #inTreatment Discussion, Igor Murgovski discussed with Nade Molerovic, a principal of the primary school “Goce Delcev” in Skopje and Tatjana Aleksic, Macedonian language and literature teacher at the secondary school “Rade Jovcevski Korcagin”. The topic of the discussion was the extent to which the adults and their mutual relations […]