“In Treatment” is the first Macedonian TV series filmed according to a foreign franchise, produced by KINO OKO. The show aired Sep 18 – Nov 17, 2017.

The series with Macedonian cast will be comprised of 45 episodes, adapted by Macedonian authors and realized by a team of Macedonian TV and film professionals.

The original series “In Treatment” is from Israel and it has been created by Nir Bergman, Ori Sivan and Hagai Levi.  Levi is also known for his work in the series „The Affair“, a winner of several Golden Globe awards.

The drama is revolving around the personal and professional life of a psychologist who treats patients at his clinic five days a week and then seeks psychological treatment for himself.  Each episode is focused on the character of one of the patients and their relationship with the main character of the series: A suicidal teenage swimmer; professional soldier who is reconsidering his actions; a woman who has an erotic fixation on the therapist; a married couple who cannot face the burden of parenthood; and the wife of the therapist who is trying to save their marriage in crisis.

The series has been a huge success in Israel and has received awards for best drama series, best actor, best actress, best scenario and best director award by the Israeli Film and Television Academy.

In 2008, the American network “HBO” bought the series franchise and produced three seasons of the show.   The show stars famous Gabriel Byrne in the role of the psychologist, and supporting roles are played by famous actors such as Michelle Forbes, Dianne Wiest, Mia Wasikowska, Melissa George, Debra Winger and other.

The series was immediate success, highly acclaimed by critics and received high award recognition, including EMI award for best actor and best actress, Golden Globe award for best actor and the award for new series by the Writers Guild of America.

The concept of the show accomplished global success and there are versions of the show in Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Czech Republic, Poland and Italy.

In the Balkan region so far there is the Romanian adaptation of the series (HBO Central Europe), Slovenian adaptation (POP Brio) with Igor Samobor in the main role, Serbian adaptation (Fox Television) with Miki Manojlovikj as the main character and Croatian adaptation (HTV).

The Macedonian adaptation of the show casts an extraordinary acting team, led by Nikola Ristanovski in the role of the psychotherapist, along with Jelena Jovanova, Amernis Nokshikji, Toni Naumovski, Angela Dimitrova, Dragana Kostadinovska, Visar Vishka and Bedija Begovska.

The wide popularity and audience of the series “In Treatment” is due to the intelligent design of the show and the masterfully constructed characters with unique life stories which any viewer can identify with.

Looking through the personal spectrum, “In Treatment” displays the collective difficulties of the Macedonian citizens in their everyday lives.  The 45 episodes showcase different topics, starting with civil activism and human rights, gender inequality, domestic violence, xenophobia, corruption, freedom of the media, right to sexual orientation, attitude towards children and teenagers in society, tradition compared to modern lifestyle and many other issues.

“This show will provoke people to start talking about everyday problems of the Macedonian citizen, and maybe find answers for their personal dilemmas and questions.  I hope that this series will contribute to opening a dialogue on all current issues in our society”.

Robert Naskov, Producer

Kino Oko Production

Based on the original series by

Hagai Levi
Ori Sivan
Nir Bergman

Production consultants

Aleš Pavlin
Andrej Štritof

Original format by Sheleg Production Ltd.

Rober Naskov
Vardan Tozija
Series Director
Vardan Tozija
Dina Duma
Jane Kjortoshev
Sasho Kokalanov
Script adaptation
Ognen Gjeorgievski
Script adaptation
Eleonora Veninova
Script adaptation
Darko Mitrevski
Script adaptation
Naum Doksevski
Director of Photography
Ivan Bartling
Conceptual set design
Sasho Blazhevski
Set Designer
Zaklina Krstevska
Costume Designer
Goran Ignjatovski
Key Hair and Make-up Artist
Atanas Gjeorgiev
Post-production Supervisor
Martin Ivanov
Radovan Petrovikj
Sofija Samoilovska
Adi and Dino Imeri
Music Composer
Bratislav Dimitrov
Production Sound Mixer
Aleksandar Djordjevic
Sound Design
Nela Vitoshevikj
Casting Director
Branko Petrovski
Line Producer
Slavko Gjorgievski
Production Manager
Sanja Todorovska
Production Coordinator
Riste Boshkoski
Production Assistant
Ljiljana Dukovikj
Jane Kjortoshev
First Assistant Director
Alisija Ferro
Script Supervisor
Maja Plavevska
Extras Coordinator
Petar Kochishki
Camera Operator
Atanas Velkovski
Camera Operator
Marina Koloska
Focus Operator
Maja Jakimovska
Focus Operator
Bato Mateski
DIT Manager
Bojan Valjak
Clapperboard Operator
Vlatko Chachorovski
Set Decorator
Aleksandra Petkova
Set Decorator
Dejan Gjoshevski
Prop Master
Dimitar Jakimovski
Prop Purchasing
Marko Kovacevikj
Set Prop Maker
Gradimir Gradevski
Set Construction Coordinator
Mile Petkovski
Set Builder
Darko Petkovski
Set Builder
Vlado Vladimirov Popov
Toshe Fidanovski
Ivan Gjorshev
Chief Lighting Technician
Aleksandar Boshev
Best boy (lighting)
Nenad Petrovski
Best boy (lighting)
Blagoja Trajkovski
Best boy (lighting)
Igor Trpchevski
Key Scenic Artist
Trajce Velichkovski
Key Scenic Artist
Aleksandar Mitevski
Assistant to the Key Scenic Artist
Refik Shakjirovikj
Assistant to the Key Scenic Artist
Dejan Mihajlovski
Boom Operator
Irena Risteska Jovchevska
Assistant Costume Designer
Jana Gogushevska Mandevska
Assistant Hair and Make-up Artist
Jasmina Kacharevikj
Assistant Hair and Make-up Artist
Mete Kovachevski
Location manager
Dejan Krajchevski
Special effects Supervisor
Tome Naskov
Photographer/Making of
Kire Gjeorgievski
On-set Doctor
Vece Rizova
ALFA Group
Vasil Trajkovski
Transport Manager
Angel Ivanov
Vehicle for the cast
Kire Siljanovski
Vehicle for the cast
Ilija Kolevski
Goran Anastasovski
Sandra Gjorgieva
Assistant Editor