#InTreatment Discussion 09 with Robert Naskov and Vardan Tozija

The last episode of the series “InTreatment”, the first Macedonian TV project was filmed according to a foreign franchise, and it was broadcasted on Friday, 17th of November. Throughout the 45 episodes and sessions with D-r Terziev (Nikola Ristanovski) we were introduced to the life stories and problems of the anesthesiologist Milena (Jelena Jovanova), the soldier Vlado (Toni Naumovski), the teenage swimmer Ivana (Angela Dimitrova) and the married couple Zana (Dragana Kostadinovska) and Gent (Visar Vishka). At the same time, we had the opportunity to look into the private life of D-r Terziev and see that no one, not even he, can escape problems.

The final episode of the series, “In Treatment” came along with the last episode of the series of #InTreatment discussions, starring the producer of the series and the founder of the production house “KINO OKO”, Robert Naskov, and the director of the series, Vardan Tozija.

Igor Murgoski talked with Robert and Vardan about how they adapted the series “InTreatment” for the Macedonian viewers, about the filming process according to the franchise and about the challenges that it brings, about the cast comprised of well-known actors, and new names, about the adaptation of the screenplay, viewer’s ratings and excellent reactions from the Macedonian audience.

Watch the show here: