#inTreatment Discussion 01 with Sara Mejs and Elena Stojanovska

Last week has marked the start of #inTreatment Discussion, a half-hour show that will be broadcast every Sunday at 13:00 on TV Sitel; later on, the show will be available at the official online channels of the TV show “In Treatment”.

The show aims to provide a brief account of the previous episodes, review the challenges faced by the characters, and, in a discussion with selected guests, to elaborate in much greater detail the topics covered by the show.

In the initial #inTreatment Discussion, the host Igor Murgovski discussed with Sara Mejs, a pop singer, and Elena Stojanovska, a TV presenter, on the following topic: “Is marriage, as an institution, at the crossroads of traditional and modern lifestyles?”

Take a look at their discussion here: